João Cunha

I'm João Cunha

I live in Porto, Portugal

and I code

Hello there! Thank you for taking some time to check out my website. I'm João Cunha and I've been coding since about 2010.

I call myself a Full-stack engineer because, throughout my career, I've covered pretty much everything and developed countless applications from the database to the front end.

Outside of work and engineering I'm a lover of Mountain Biking, Sports, Music and Gaming.

Here are some of my career highlights (at least the ones I can publicly share 🤫):

Lead the Petcare project.

Worked with an amazing team on an all-in-one crypto and cash app as well as it's official Website & Admin Backoffice.

Currently working with the Burberry team at Mindera.

Check out some Open Source highlights over at Projects.

I love coding, learning, and sharing what I know with others.